3 Ways Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

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3 Ways Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

This blog was writted by Sandhya Kambhampati, our Campus Ambassador from Ohio University.

Having just come back from studying abroad in México, I can attest to the fact that studying abroad has definitely helped me in realizing how much more the world has to offer and what opportunities are out there. So why study abroad? Well, here are my top reasons why I think studying abroad can help you land a job or an internship.

1. New Culture: Learning about a new culture and diversifying yourself always is something that is important. Because of your experience studying and learning the culture of another place, you can provide knowledge of something new & fresh that other candidates may not offer. Whether it’s using it in interviews, research, or talking with company partners, knowing about another culture can set you apart from others because you know that there is more to this world than the American pie and baseball culture of America.

2. New Language: While you may not always be studying abroad to learn a new language, studying abroad in a place with a language other than the one that you’re used to speaking is always a plus because you can now connect with people in a new way. Similar to knowing culture, you can use these skills to communicate with company partners or even to assist with transcribing a letter into another language.

3. New People: Whether it’s on the bus, in a grocery shop, or a hostel, you can meet someone who may have similar interests to you. Their experiences might spark a new idea of what you want to do in the future or a friendship might even lead to a job. Not only are you meeting new people and making new friends, but you’re also networking.

With these tips in mind, why say no to studying abroad? It is an opportunity to find yourself, your interests, and maybe even find a new opportunity that you never even knew existed.