3 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Find a Job

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3 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Find a Job blog image

3 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Find a Job

Today social media is so popular, you may ask yourself how can social media help me land a job? Well, while it might hurt you if you use it the wrong way, it can help in these three ways:

1. Network: Use Twitter to follow people that inspire you and tweet at them to connect with them for advice! People will see that you’re motivated. While tweeting at these people, make sure your Twitter account is public and also cleaned up. Tweet things relevant to your ideal job. Also, add people you know on LinkedIn and make sure your profile is always up to date.

2. Promote yourself: While tweeting and using Google+ or Facebook, show the real “you” off. The best way to promote yourself is by connecting all these sites together & creating a brand for yourself!

3. Be creative: Think about jobs you may have always dreamed about & how you can grab that company’s attention. If you’re interested in marketing, try creating a YouTube video to show off your coding or editing skills. Also, use your LinkedIn headline to grab people’s eyes by telling them something they may not know about you. Showcase your talents!

So go ahead with these three tips & show everyone how fabulous you really are!

This blog post was written by Sandhya, our Campus Ambassador from Ohio University!