4 Intern Tips from HBO's GIRLS

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4 Intern Tips from HBO's GIRLS  blog image

4 Intern Tips from HBO's GIRLS

In the new HBO Series, GIRLS, the pilot episode introduces the main character who has been living in New York City for two years post graduation and whose parents still support her. She doesn't have a "real job" yet because she's in a two year internship program and not making money. Lets quickly point out the internship problems here:

1. If you take an internship after college, unless it's a specific type of training program, it should not be for more than one semester.

2. It is possible to land a job in a bad economy - but you must take yourself seriously and work everyday to find and land the position. It's not something to take likely.

3. An internship doesn't automatically turn into a job. Take the pressure off of that internship turning into a job opportunity. At places with high turnover and a smaller amount of employees -they aren't always hiring. Your job is to get great experience on your resume and connect with tons of professionals around you and leverage their personal and professional networks for future hiring.

4. Have open dialogue with your family about career plans. This will be helpful in the future.