4 Little Lies About Internships

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4 Little Lies About Internships

I was listening to an interview I did with the Washington Post TV about internships. Check it out HERE. While I was listening, I came up with these 4 myths about internships. Enjoy!

1. The goal of the internship is to land a job at THAT company.

The goal of the internship is the experience. The goal of the internship is networking. These skills and contacts are going to help you land a job.

2. Internships are for the immediate paycheck.

Internships aren't for the immediate paycheck. They are for the bigger picture. They continue to impact you throughout your career path.

3. You can't have a job and an internship.

Most unpaid internships are only requiring 12-15 hours per week. You CAN manage a part-time job & an internship.

4. You need to intern every semester.

Not true. Try to get two internships under your belt by the time you graduate college. Two semesters out of the four years you're at school.

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