4 Reasons to Become an International Student

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4 Reasons to Become an International Student

Are you considering grad school? Studying abroad offers a number of benefits -- not just to the graduate -- but also to potential employers. Graduates who decide to earn an advanced degree in a foreign country will not only enhance their resume, but may also maximize their employment marketability. If you’re still undecided about whether a graduate program abroad is the right step, here are a few non-academic benefits to consider:

  • Additional Cultural Awareness. Attending a university abroad means you’ll spend an extended period of time in a new country, which will allow you to become immersed in another culture. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to deal with people outside of your immediate network and will learn to become more confident in unfamiliar environments. Employers recognize the importance of cultural awareness and understand that employees who have spent some time abroad will have cultivated this skill.
  • Enhance your resume. Graduate programs abroad offer you the perk of internationalizing your resume, and this is something that definitely maximizes your career potential. Employers who view your resume will recognize that you’re entirely comfortable with foreign travel and this is advantageous when working for international companies. In many cases, you’ll also have the opportunity to pick up language skills during your time abroad, which is a great personal and professional asset. Learning a language in a new country also shows an employer that you understand the value of expanding your horizons and aren’t afraid of being independent.
  • Widening your contacts. Living abroad means you’ll be mixing with an entirely new network of people, both a professionally and socially. In turn, you’ll gain a much broader range of contacts –which opens up a host of new opportunities, especially in the employment world. You’ll also meet other international students, giving you a network of friends and colleagues throughout the world.
  • Gaining employment abroad. One of the major perks of studying and living in a new country is the opportunity to work in that country after graduation. Studying abroad can help you land permanent offers in the future if you make a positive impression. Also, many major companies offer programs specifically designed to help graduates make the transition from university to life in the work arena. If you’re already living in the country, you’re in a much better position to find employment via internships or graduate work programs.

Where you attend grad school is a huge decision. Obtaining your qualification abroad may not only enhance your career prospects, but can also give you an edge during that all-important job interview process.

Jade Liu is a Business graduate currently completing a Finance Masters in New York. She loves to travel and hopes to see South America after her studies.