4 Rules to Finding that Dream Internship

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4 Rules to Finding that Dream Internship

This blog was written by Caitlyn Ewals our Campus Ambassador from University of Louisville. If you attend University of Louisville and want to blog for us comment below.

If you are just beginning to start your search for the perfect internship it is going to be completely overwhelming! What company should I intern for? Should I look for an internship just for my major? What is the difference between a fall and summer internship program? All of these questions will be swirling your mind during your search.

When I first started searching for potential internships I had list upon lists of pretty much any company that offered an internship. There were so many to choose from it blew my mind! Everyone was unique in its own way and each offered different opportunities in different cities learning different tools. So how do you even begin your search? Since I have done the searching before I have come up with a few tips I used to help narrow down my options.

1)    Your Job: What type of tasks do you want to be performing? Are you wanting to eventually work as a museum curator or are you planning a career in music production? For me, I was a Theatre Arts major at the time of my internship so I chose to work in costume management.

2)    Location: A big thing that you need to think about when looking for an internship is where you see yourself. Also, what type of job you see yourself doing will affect where you should look. If you are in music production you could look to Tennessee for country music or you could be a museum curator in New York. I chose Orlando, FL because it was close to family and I got to experience a different setting than I am used to and also Disney was a great opportunity for me to learn back stage production.

3)    Fine Details: A very important thing you need to look for while searching for internships is the different times the internship is offered. Are you looking for a summer, fall, or spring internship? Also, are you wanting to be a paid intern or are you expecting school credit? I decided I wanted a spring internship so I could work for five months and it was a paid internship as well.

4)    References: Lastly, it is always good to try and talk to people who have participated in the internship before. I was lucky, I knew a few people who had been a part of the Disney College Program so I could discuss with them any concerns I was having and they also provided me with helpful tips and hints. If you can’t find anyone who has done the internship you are interested in look for someone who has done and internship in the same field or even someone who works in that field!

Beginning you search for you dream internship does not have to be a stressful experience, it can actually be fun! If you remember these helpful tips while on the hunt for internships they will make it a little bit easier, and hopefully cut out some of the stress. That way you can look back on your search with fond memories.