4 Steps for Using Twitter in your Job Search

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4 Steps for Using Twitter in your Job Search

This blog post was written by Kim Pham, our Campus Ambassador from New York University's Stern School of Business. She is passionate about tech startups, and has been working in the field since junior year of high school. She is currently working business development at Onswipe, while juggling other responsibilities at foursquare, Intern Queen, NYU VSA, NYU Restaurateur Club, and Tech@NYU. She spent this past semester studying and working at a startup incubator in Prague, Czech Republic.

Nowadays, the term “social media” seems almost like a drug – everyone is on it, using it, hating it, addicted to it, questioning it, can’t get off it...

However, many students do not realize the true power of #socialmedia in finding jobs, internships, and other opportunities – Twitter, in particular, has proven itself as an especially valuable platform.

When used with tact and intelligence, Twitter can be key to your job search. Just follow these four steps and tweet me with your thanks later ;)

1. Optimize your Twitter profile
Fill out your profile and put your best digital face forward – stay fun and show off your personality while staying professional. (No #TeamBlackout!) Make sure you have a solid default picture – no makeout photos, bikini shots, duck faces, etc. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Ladies, it’s 2012. It’s time to retire the duck face.

2. Clean up your timeline
As much as your friends may enjoy your crazy antics, make sure that your 140-character blurbs represent you – a good mix of personal and professional. Diversify your posts to show off your social media savvy – foursquare check-ins, tumblr reblogs, Quora answers, Twitpic uploads, etc. Delete the questionable photo uploads and drunken tweets – they may have seemed brilliant at 3 in the morning after two pitchers of sangria, but potential employers may not enjoy your misspelling-ridden rants against gentrification, Lebron James, or dirty hipsters.

3. Follow your favorite brands and companies, as well as relevant figures
Stay informed – the best thing about Twitter is that it allows for instant, timely communication. Follow the brands, agencies, and startups whom you love, admire, are a passionate user of, evangelize, etc. Some release job opportunities through their Twitter feeds, like Google and Under Armor. To go the extra mile, follow relevant company figures – does the CEO blog frequently? Is there a marketing manager with hilarious tweets? A mascot who posts regularly? Follow them to continue gaining insight into the company culture.

4. Engage, engage, engage!
Don’t be afraid to make your online presence known – RT, comment, and @reply tweets you have an opinion about. Stay smart, concise, and fun to make an impression; so that when the inevitable day when your application and resume come through the door, an employee might remember your name as someone who is already following and enthusiastic about the brand.

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