4 Summer Fashion Must Haves

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4 Summer Fashion Must Haves

This blog post was written by Paola, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Texas. >

If picking something to wear isn’t already a challenge, trying to do it while it's 100 degrees out and your bathing suit is calling your name is almost impossible.

Here in Texas the summers are hot, and if you are a summer intern, there are usually two goals to your day: getting to work without heat stroke and looking cute while doing it.

Here are my four summer must haves:

1. White blazer (you can literally combine it with anything and EVERYTHING!)

2. Black shorts (for those days when jeans or pants are just too warm)

3. A small pastel purse (something beside your laptop bag or tote just to keep all your small things safe)

4. Pretty sandals (depending on how laid back your internship dress code is these are usually a great option for the summer!)

What are yours?