4 Things You'll Be Responsible For As A Fashion Assistant

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4 Things You'll Be Responsible For As A Fashion Assistant

I was speaking to one of our former Intern Queen Ambassadors and Intern Queen interns about her new job in the fashion world! Her life sounds so exciting. As an entry-level fashion assistant, she is responsible for the following 4 things. I wanted to give you a run-down of those 4 things and how some of the tips we talk about frequently on InternQueen.com play into them. Enjoy!

Note: This blog is inspired by our former rep, Mallory Gold, who now works for Rachel Roy. And yes, we are very proud!

1. Go with your boss to several meetings and take notes.

Quick Tip: You can easily practice becoming an A+ note-taker! Start today in your classes, are your notes clear and articulate? Will you be able to explain them to other people after this meeting?

2. Set meetings/travel arrangements for your boss.

Quick Tip: You'd better learn to be detail oriented. When planning meetings and making travel arrangements, it's important to address the specifics. Where should your boss park? What time do they need to leave for the airport? Just remember that no detail is too small!

3. Assist with merchandising and sales meetings.

Quick Tip: This is where previous internship experience is going to come in handy. As an intern, you'll be able to observe these kinds of things. So if you want to work in fashion and you haven't had that internship yet - let's get on it!

4. Work with the PR team from the company and other departments.

Quick Tip: You have to easily adapt to dealing with different departments and different people. Always have a positive attitude, make it a point to remember people's names, and take note of different people's communication styles.