4 Ways to Turn your Dream Internship into your Dream Job

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4 Ways to Turn your Dream Internship into your Dream Job blog image

4 Ways to Turn your Dream Internship into your Dream Job

Write it, cut it, paste it, save it!- Daft Punk

Write It: Make a Plan
It’s Intern Season and it’s time for you to APPLY! You’ve had some internship experience and now you’re applying for internships, potentially future companies you would LOVE to work for! You have no idea where to start or begin! What do you do…Make a Plan? Start by simply asking yourself, “What type of internship would I actually want to do?”Your options are ENDLESS! Whether you want to work for a company like Coca-Cola as an Accountant Manager or Spotify as a Social Media Marketing Manager, you need to Make a Plan! Think of your top 10 companies you would love to work for and the position you’re seeking! Go to your local Career Center to gain knowledge and format your Resume! Submit your material! ……and KEEP APPLYING! Never stop applying for internships, even when it seems like you’ve done a million! Do a million MORE because guess what…..You’re that AWESOME!

Cut It: Land your Internship
Okay…so now you’ve applied for Internships and you’ve narrowed it down to your top 10! Now it’s time to Cut it:and Land your Internship! These are companies that you have wanted to work for throughout your college career. Let’s just say amongst your top 10 were …CNN, Extra News, and Fox, just to name a few! You have an interview and land your DREAM internship with your top company, in this case CNN! You have your interview, highlighting your personal skills, using 2-3 work experiences to highlight how you’re applicable, and tailoring your skills to what is needed in the company! 2 weeks later you HEAR BACK!....you’ve GOTTEN the Internship! #SUCCESS

Paste It: Make an Impression
WOW!You’ve arrived! Currently WORKING and you love every moment! Now…Paste It:“How to Make an Impression”? Being on time is KEY! Being prompt can tell an employer a million things…are you reliable or can I trust you as an employer! NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Network plays a major role when you’re working for any company! Finding out who the top executives are of the company and how to speak with them will play a vital role in your experience! Seek out as many employees and top employees in the company to extend your NETWORK! There is NO such thing AS having too many people in YOUR NETWORK BOOK! Now you have a meeting with one of the top executives of the company! (Freaking OUTTTTT)! What do I say? What am I doing? Be sure to ask career related questions to get them to dig deep into their stories, giving you an opportunity to establish a personal connection with them! How did you get to the position you’re in today? In what ways, do you believe, makes an employee stand out?What advice would you give to young and aspiring adults wanting to stand in a similar position as yourself? Establishing that personal relationship and asking questions helps them to not only remember you, but include you in their network book! Add them on Linked In(connecting over 150 million members in over 200 countries and territories, operating as the world’s largest professional network on the Internet), using social media as a way to connect to all of their networks! Exchange Business Cards! Use THANK YOU CARDS! …MAKE that last IMPRESSION!

Save It: Apply!
AHHHHH! FAST FORWARD! Senior year of college and guess what…GRADUATION TIME AND JOB SEARCH! This is the peak time in your career and one of the most stressful times of your college career. It’s now time to step into the REAL WORLD and live every moment like there’s no tomorrow! You are currently job searching and are unsure of were to apply! Save It:You are applying and stumble across a certain business card with a top executive’s information for your DREAM JOB…CNN! You remember that you not only talked to him, you have him on Linked In, and have established a relationship with him! You send him a follow up email to check-in and see how everything is going! The executive immediately thanks you for emailing him and for previously sending him a THANK YOU LETTER! NOW!.....APPLY! You’ve now had your internship, Landed your DREAM INTERNSHIP! Made an Impression! How? By Networking, Asking Questions, Establishing Personal Relationships, Using Thank You Cards, and Exchanging Contact Information! Now it’s time for you to APPLY and land YOUR DREAM INTERNSHIP! I have total faith in YOU! NOW GO OFF AND MAKE US ALL PROUD! #YOUARETHEBEST

This blog post was written by Darion Jordan, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Missouri. Follow him on Twitter at @MuziqVex