The 5 Best Books For The Work World

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The 5 Best Books For The Work World

This blog was written by Becca Lazarus, campus ambassador at the University of Hartford. She is a Communications major with and emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. Follow her on Twitter @beccalaz

Getting ready for the work world is key, whether it is getting ready for internships or even that job after college. Many authors offer real world advice from real world experiences. After reading the InternQueen, Lauren Berger's, book 'All Work, No Pay,' I found some others that offered good advice as well. Below are 5 additional books that I believe are great to read before any job or internship.

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
This book is a necessary read for anyone going into the Sales or Public Relations world. With over 15 million copies sold you know it has to be good. Published in 1937, this book isn’t outdated at all and is a great read. Carnegie teaches skills in this book, in relatable ways. He teaches one how to sell and talk to people without making one feel manipulated, and much more!

2. Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR by Crosby Noricks
So who doesn’t want to work in the Fashion PR world? I know many people who do. So why not read this book that is specifically tailored to those who want to be in the PR fashion world. Written by the founder of PR Couture, Crosby Noricks plus has commentary from public relation practitioners in the PR fashion world, this will be the go to book for anyone looking into that field. It has information on what classes to take, what internships to participate in, and setting a long-term career in fashion PR.

3. Normal Gets You Nowhere by Kelly Cutrone
The title of this book is my favorite. In this world everyone tries to tell you to be “normal”, but what exactly is normal. Well Kelly Cutrone thinks the exact opposite, being in her business she believes that being “normal”, you will go no where. In this book Cutrone is honest with her readers and gives them the real deal, no fluffy lies.

4. What Would Google Do? By Jeff Jarvis
Google is something that literally everyone uses nowadays. I know I personally Google everything. I would recommend this book for everyone because it will show you how the world has basically changed because of the Internet. In this book Jarvis lays out a bunch of “Google Rules”, and shows how Google runs their business. Jarvis also describes the impact Google has on many different job industries.

5. Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook by Dave Kerpen
Social Media in any industry is important so why not read a book that shows you how to make the best of any social media site you use. This book has been both a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. In this book the reader gets real world examples from someone who knows a lot in their field. Also something that is very useful at the end of each chapter there are exercises for one to use to consider how to implement the ideas into their business.

These are just some books that I believe everyone should read at one point or another. Hopefully you check out all these great books!