5 Budgeting Tips for Going Back to School

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5 Budgeting Tips for Going Back to School

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Is it too cliché to say that going back to school is an exciting time for most students?  I think not!  You get to start a brand new school year and see your friends again, plus there are the classes - hence the use of the word "most."

But, going back to school can also get a bit expensive.  I mean think about it - you have to buy all your school supplies, books, things for your new apartment or dorm and (in an ideal world) still have some money left for doing fun stuff with your friends.

Because of the frugality that is college life, sometimes you have to be resourceful and find ways of doing all those fun (and sometimes pricey) activities with your friends while still staying on a budget.

Here are my 5 budgeting tips for going back to school:

  1. Save money on food: Let’s face it, as a college student with all that studying and running around, you are going to get hungry.  Stopping by Starbucks and buying fast food all the time can get costly and is probably not the best option health-wise.  One way to offset the cost would be to go to a grocery store near you and purchase healthy snacks that you can keep in your apartment or dorm. This is a good way to keep your body and wallet on fleek.

  2. Promotions and sales are your friend:  As I am sure you have noticed, retailers have started ramping up for back-to-school.  Almost all stores have some kind of deal or promotion going on and if you budget and plan ahead you can purchase all the supplies you need for this semester and even stock up for the rest of the year.

  3. Rent your furniture:  That’s right; you are not hallucinating and actually reading those words.  Did you know that instead of spending lots of money on buying expensive pieces of furniture, you can actually rent?  (Something I wish I had known when I was in school).  There are different companies out there that could provide you with that service, my favorite being CORT Furniture Rental.  Check out cort.com/student and you'll see why.  They make it super easy.  You can even have your furniture delivered and set up before you move in.  And as an added bonus you don't need to worry about what you’ll do with your furniture after your lease is over.

  4. Create a budget:  I did mention this briefly in one of the earlier tips but, this one is very important.  Make a list of how much money you have and then decide on how much you can realistically spend every month.  Get creative with your budgeting plan.  This way you can help yourself stay on track and avoid overspending.

  5. Treat yo' self!:  I know this seems counter intuitive, but sometimes you just have to do you boo!  Once all the budgeting and saving is done, if you have a bit left over, you should use it on yourself.  Being a college student can be stressful and mentally taxing.  When you have the chance you should give yourself a little treat and reward yourself on a job well done.