5 Career Skills You Learn From your Part Time Job

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5 Career Skills You Learn From your Part Time Job blog image

5 Career Skills You Learn From your Part Time Job

This blog was written by guest blogger Chloe Wilson, a Television-Radio major at Ithaca College. Follow her on twitter @Chloe_A_Wilson

Not every job out there is career-focused and many of us take jobs to fill up our schedules, get out of the house, or to have extra spending money. While it’s nice to fill up your resume, these side jobs do have their ups and can actually teach you some valuable workplace lessons that you can apply to your future career. Here are five of the most important lessons I’ve learned. Hopefully, these will help you too!

Sure, it’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but being a waitress will teach you how to prioritize. Keeping a cool head and staying organized helps you succeed in a job where there’s always something to do, from managing multiple parties to sprinting back and forth from the kitchen to countless other tasks. Plus, you get the extra bonus of learning how to handle workplace pressure!

If you’ve ever been to New York City, someone on the street has most likely asked you to donate to a certain cause. It’s definitely not an easy job, but being a canvasser teaches you how to handle rejection. For every person you stop and get to talk to, there are twenty others that completely ignore you. It helps motivate you to work harder, but you also learn how to focus on your successes and how to laugh at your failures.

Working in Retail
Customer-less dry spells can be nice, but they can also be incredibly boring. On days like this, being a sales associate will teach you how to socialize with your co-workers and give yourself a crash course in workplace etiquette. Just because your co-workers aren’t your age doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a conversation, and in future jobs, you won’t always work with people exactly like you. But be careful – workplace etiquette is different than how you would act with your friends!

Serving Ice Cream
It might not be your dream job, but being an ice cream server teaches you how to be creative at work. Scooping ice cream and serving frozen snacks might seem routine after a while, but take advantage of your free time to brainstorm solutions to problems – like better sundae combinations or a more innovative way to support an ice cream cone. And if you can come up with a great solution to that last one, the world will thank you.

Catering to somebody else for a full day is tough, especially if it’s a child. It might be a long day, but being a babysitter teaches you how to appreciate the fun parts of work. Being able to find enjoyment in what you do is one of the most important lessons you can learn. Whether it’s finger painting, sitting and watching a movie, or reading stories aloud, finding parts of your job that you love inspires you to keep going. And who knows? It might even lead you to your future career.