5 Fashion Must-Haves For Any Stylist Assistant

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5 Fashion Must-Haves For Any Stylist Assistant blog image

5 Fashion Must-Haves For Any Stylist Assistant

This blog was written by our Campus Ambassador Kristianne Young from Arizona State University. You can follow her on Twitter Handle @kristianneyoung.

On occasion I get the pleasure of helping out on a photo shoot by assisting the stylist. This is without a doubt one of my favorite parts of my job/internship. You get to play with beautiful clothes (and of course by play I mean steam them and make sure that nothing happens to them, but when you love fashion it’s all the same), dress the gorgeous model, help with setting up and when things are all said and done you pack it up.

As glamorous as a photo shoot can be, it is also a long day filled with hard work. And being prepared will help the day go just a bit smoother. Here are my 5 must-haves for any stylist assistant.

1. Comfy shoes are at the top of my list because as much as I would like to look as stylish as the model, there is no way I can stand 10 hours in a strappy pair of stilettos. This doesn’t mean you have to sport your Nike running shoes and actually I encourage you not to, but think along the lines of a great pair of flats or sandals that don’t cut into your skin, or a pair of cute and casual sneakers.

2. A Long Lightweight Cardigan may seem unnecessary in the middle of summer, but you never know where your job will take you: a night shoot by the mountains, inside a studio with blasting AC, etc. Plus by hour seven you may just need something cozy to keep you going.

3. Crossbody Bags are a godsend. Do yourself a favor and invest in a midsize bag that will allow your hands to be free for whatever you might encounter. Plus it works as an extra hand on occasion!

4. A Comfortable Tee will allow you to do your job and pay attention to wardrobe without fussing with your own wardrobe.

5. A Notebook (and pen) is the one thing you must never forget. You never know when you’ll need to write down fashion credits, coffee orders, or any other reminders that will help you keep your job.

Now that you are ready… I bid you Happy Assisting!!