5 Internships You Never Knew Existed!

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5 Internships You Never Knew Existed!

This is written by guest blogger, Karleia Steiner.

When most people think of internships, they think of teens and early twenty-somethings spending time making copies and fetching coffee. The truth is that though some internships will offer you college credit and some networking skills, other internships will take you far, far off the beaten path. Check out six of the most interesting internships around. You never know when you will discover a career that is calling to you!

The Vatican

While most people only see the spiritual side of the seat of the Catholic faith, it is important to remember that the Vatican is also an extremely large, extremely functional entity that trades in business and social media at a global level. There is a lot of work that goes into keeping the Vatican ticking, and through the Vatican Internship Experience, students from Villanova University in Pennsylvania can be a part of that. Interns are asked to assist with public relations, to act as reporters for the Catholic News Service and to work on the Vatican's website.


Though spending the summer at a penitentiary may sound grim, there are many reasons to do it. The prisons in the United States are widespread, and they are always looking for interns to help out. Interning at a prison can help a student get a grasp on topics as diverse as hospitality services, accounting and law enforcement. A prison internship is a great choice, particularly when a student is looking into finding work in the public sector.

Six Flags

Known as one of the most famous amusement parks in the world, Six Flags also provides one of the most exhaustive internship programs around. They pay their interns, and students can apply for positions in fields as diverse as safety, human resources, park services and accounting. This is a great way to get lot of experience in the hospitality and entertainment fields as well.

Funeral Homes

For interns who have an interest in the rites of death and the business of grief, funeral homes all over the country offer internship programs. These programs can introduce interns to both the paperwork side of dealing with death, and the physical reality of handling and preparing dead bodies. This is an invaluable experience for students going into a wide variety of jobs.


When you want to find something that suits your degree in military history, fine arts or art history, internships are rare but not impossible to locate. In general, a military history internship can be taken with a museum. Museums are incredible places to intern because there is the intersection of business administration, public service and preservation. Depending on the type of internships, a student might find himself learning about restoration, figuring out museum paperwork or advocating within the community on behalf of the museum. When you are looking to make sure that you spend your summer productively, an internship might be exactly what you are looking for. Take a moment to think about what kind of internship is going to work best for you and what you are hoping to learn.