5 Interview Tricks You Can Learn From Taylor Swift

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5 Interview Tricks You Can Learn From Taylor Swift blog image

5 Interview Tricks You Can Learn From Taylor Swift

This blog is written by Kate, our Campus Ambassador for University of California, Davis.

1. Find your niche

Taylor Swift started singing in karaoke places at a young age and even sent in a demo of karaoke covers to record labels on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee in her early teens. She received rejections and realized that she needs to do more than sing a song for the label companies. Taylor then started to learn to play guitar and writing her own songs. Only after then, these companies started to take notice in the young musician. The same applies to every person seeking an internship or job, you need to find your niche to stand out from others. This could be a particular internship experience, your personality, or job ethic that makes you the perfect candidate for the job, all you have to do is to show it to the employer.

2. Be yourself

Taylor's public image has been positive all these years because she is honest with her fans and in her music. Her personality can be shown through her songs and the way she steps out on stage and plays her songs to the crowd. When in an interview, your personality should also show through the way you present yourself from the moment you walk through their door. You never know, the employer may even ask the secretary about your entrance and small talk conversations! Therefore, just relax and be yourself during the whole interview process.

3. Act professionally

Though Taylor Swift may seem like she's having fun on stage and enjoying life through her tweets on Twitter, she manages her own business and sits at the same table as Big Machine Records Founder Scott Borchetta. She is actively involved in her own professional career and acts professionally in serious interviews and so should you. There is a clear distinction from hanging out with your friends and being interviewed for a job. Always put your best foot forward and make a good impression by acting professionally.

4. Genuinely show that you're interested

Taylor Swift is successful because she loves what she does and is determined to make herself known through her music. Although she has received rejections and criticisms, she uses these to fuel her drive. Her interest in music is a characteristic that is shown through everything she does. Your interest in the field of industry of the job you are seeking should be as strong as hers. Show how you are interested through researching about the company, its related fields and how you can contribute to the company.

5. Never give up

During interviews, there are bound to be difficult questions to answer. Think you are the only one facing these difficult questions? Taylor Swift not only also faces hard to answer questions from her interviews, most if not all of her interviews are recorded and televised. Despite all this pressure, she remains to be calm and poised. Never give up when you face a difficult question, ask for clarification and answer the question as confident as you can.