5 Lessons I Learned from Interning

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5 Lessons I Learned from Interning

This blog was written by our Alumni Ambassador Hillary who graduated from Virginia Tech .

1. Don't be too hard on yourself- You're an intern, not the president of the company you're interning for. If you misunderstand something or don't feel qualified, don't be too hard on yourself. See the entire experience as a learning opportunity, and grow from it.

2. Manage your time wisely- If you're interning while going to school simultaneously, I highly suggest learning to manage your time wisely. Getting your school work done early, and not procrastinating, will help make your internship that much more enjoyable. Who wants to stress out about studying for an exam while at the office anyway?

3. Ask questions- Don't be afraid to ask questions (yes, even if you think they're dumb). As stereotypical as it sounds, someone probably has the same question too.

4. Utilize your resources- Your office may provide learning materials or programs accessible to you. Find out about these opportunities early on, and take advantage of them. It will show your employer that you are willing to learn and, in return, you will gain the knowledge you wouldn't have had otherwise.

5. It's okay to make mistakes- Interning is about learning and gaining experience, plain and simple. Therefore, the most important lesson I learned from my internship experiences was to learn from my mistakes.