5 Lies About Entrepreneurship!

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5 Lies About Entrepreneurship!

Starting your own business can put you in some challenging situations.  However, as an entrepreneur you should not let false information, stop you from starting your own business. In today's video, I’m sharing the five lies that could be preventing you from growing your business. I’m going to unpack all five of the lies with what I’ve found in my own business and how to get past each one.




I also wanted to share a really cool opportunity for all my aspiring TV Hosts out there. 

I'm thrilled to announce, for the very FIRST time, my friend Mark Turner decided to teach his own hosting class (alongside the immensely talented and experienced, Leila Sbitani)! This is a terrific opportunity for aspiring and experienced hosts/experts/influencers alike,  to learn, firsthand, from a 20 year industry veteran, how to succeed, and grow your brand.  This exciting opportunity will be a one day intensive class on 12/3/16 in New York City.  Check out all the details here




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