5 Minute Makeup Time Saver

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5 Minute Makeup Time Saver

August is here, bringing in that late night heat. Everyone is less than excited to put on heavy globs of liquid foundation for a night on the town, just to sweat it off in the humidity. Not to mention with all the beach trips and internships we have going on, who has time to put together their best red carpet look for every night (or day) out. Here are some time saving makeup tips that wont melt off.

1. Instead of using a heavy liquid foundation, just use a little tinted moisturizer and bronzer. Don’t you want to show off those seasonal freckles that only come out to play during the summer time? Only use concealer under your eyes to brighten them if need be.

2. Apply a neutral cream shadow and an eye-liner. There is no need to do a full on MAC makeover on your eyes for every occasion. The less liner, the bigger your eyes appear.

3. Use some dark black mascara on the top and bottom lashes; this gives the eye a more dramatic look, without slopping on layers of liner and shadow.

4. Skip the tedious time consuming effort of lipstick and lip liner by using a colored Chap Stick or lip stain. It’s really light and it won’t smudge in the summer heat. Leave the melting to the ice cream, not your makeup!

Bolded This blog post was written by our Campus Ambassador Madison Elliot from Quinnipiac University. You can follow her on Twitter @_Maddierose.