5 Quick Motivational Tips From @MissUSA #GivingAwards

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5 Quick Motivational Tips From @MissUSA #GivingAwards  blog image

5 Quick Motivational Tips From @MissUSA #GivingAwards

At the #GivingAwards presented by Chase, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with several of the celebrity attendees and the actual winners from the amazing non-profits. One of the first celebs on stage was Olivia Culpo, otherwise known as @MissUSA. Olivia is actually competing in the upcoming Miss Universe so make sure to tune in and root her on!

Here are some quick tips from @MissUSA on how to get started and do something you love:

1. Find a Support System.

2. Work hard and stay optimistic.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Be Different.

4. Collaborate With Others.

5. Be Engaging. Do Something Social.

Coming from @MissUSA, I thought #3 was the most powerful. Everyone is unique. Don't be afraid to be yourself.