5 Reasons Not To Quit Your Internship

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5 Reasons Not To Quit Your Internship

1. Time is valuable. If your internship coordinator brings you on board, they are putting time into helping your learn. Don't waste people's time.

2. If there is a problem of ANY kind, there should be a sit-down conversation or phone conversation with your employer where you both try to come up with a solution. In most cases, a solution can be reached. If you just quit, no solution can be reached.

3. Don't burn bridges! You have to remember the EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE mentality.

4. You've lost a reference and a line on your resume. Once you leave an internship, even if you were the best intern for the few weeks you participated, you cannot email that person for a reference. Your reliability is now an issue. You also don't want to put this on your resume because you didn't complete the internship and you don't want a potential employers to ask too many questions about it.

5. You must learn commitment. We often commit to things before we have a chance to think them through. Employers always say that students have commitment problems and often "flake" out. Don't be the student that flakes out. Find a way for your internship to work within your schedule, work with your employers to make sure you HONOR YOUR COMMITMENTS. This is crucial at your internships and in life.