5 Reasons Why a Girl Should Join SGG

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5 Reasons Why a Girl Should Join SGG

Do you often feel like you have trouble finding amazing opportunities because you’re in high school? Look no further! We recently got to speak to Emily Raleigh, the Founder of an awesome organization called Smart Girls Group made up of ambitious, passionate young women - not unlike our #IQFamily! Today we wanted to share with you 5 reasons to join the Smart Girls Group:

1. We are an international sisterhood for Smart Girls.
You will be a part of a sisterhood of superstar young women from all over the world that will support you in all that you do. These girls want to change the world and will help you do the same. Our Smart Girl Sisters have become college roommates, taken trips around the world together, secured each other internships, started businesses together, and so much more.

2. We have opportunities for you to pursue your passions, whatever they may be, wherever you may be.
With our growing opportunity line, from our monthly digital magazine to our career development initiative to our regional director program and so much more, Smart Girls have unmatched opportunities to pursue their passions through Smart Girls Group, regardless of her location. We provide the platform for young women to have an influential voice and hold leadership roles in a safe, encouraging space where you can embrace who you are, while being challenged to be all you can be.

3. Need some empowerment? We have you covered.
Here at Smart Girls Group, our primary goal is to help you be your very best in all facets of your life. Whether your goal is to become president or run a 5K, we will help you do that through our empowering content and community. We think the media should empower women, not knock them down, and we believe smarts should be celebrated. We have created a platform that does just that.

4. By Smart Girls, for Smart Girls.
Everything in Smart Girls Group is created by Smart Girls and for Smart Girls. Looking for advice on how to score a summer job? Learn from a fellow Smart Girl Sister on how she did it. Interested in doing a triathlon? Someone in Smart Girls Group has been there and has all the tips you need to succeed. Simply put, Smart Girls Group gives you the chance to turn to a like-minded young woman and get all the resources you need, knowing that she gets it. Someone has been there, and we all have your back.

5. We are redefining what it means to be smart, and you can be a part of that.
Being smart doesn’t only mean scoring a perfect SAT or being valedictorian. Your drive, passion, and enthusiasm hold the potential to change the world. Whatever your passions are, those are your smarts. We are committed to redefining what it means to be a Smart Girl and igniting a change in the media’s portrayal of women. By being a part of Smart Girls Group, you get to spearhead this mission and therefore transform the lives of millions of girls.

Check out the Smart Girls Group here to see another network of dedicated young people making their mark on the world!