5 Reasons Why It's Ok To Ask for Help

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5 Reasons Why It's Ok To Ask for Help blog image

5 Reasons Why It's Ok To Ask for Help

This is a guest blog post by Campus Ambassador, Sophia Ciancone.

As dedicated students and interns, we generally tend to take on more work than we can handle. We join organizations and are dedicated to them. We slave away over homework and studying for exams and we still attempt to have a social life. But, one thing we forget to do is ask for help despite the fact that impressive professionals, professors and fellow students surround us. Asking for help does not mean accepting defeat. So here are 5 reasons it’s crucial for us to ask for help:

1. Preventing a catastrophic meltdown will save your sanity. We all have been exposed to a serious meltdown in the midst of a hectic week. Breakdowns take up a huge amount of time that could be dedicated to the work we have to accomplish. If we simply ask a peer for help, we could potentially prevent a meltdown and save a significant amount of time!

2. Delegating work to others is actually an important asset as a professional. Being able to ask for help and giving other people responsibilities is an important skill that employers look for when hiring. If you are in charge of an organization, ask members of your group to accomplish small things for you and trust them to get them done.

3. We can learn a lot and expand our ideas when we ask for help. Bringing a fresh mind to an old idea can make it even better and more successful. With more brains comes more creativity. You never know who might have an awesome idea to bring to the table!

4. We make important connections. There is a good chance that if you ask a superior for help one day that person could potentially become a life long mentor who can help you through multiple other stressful moments and guide you on your career path.

5. You have a second to take a breath. Daily, we are reminded of the long list of accomplishments we must complete by a certain deadline. Yes, it is crazy important to accomplish every task on our to-do list but it is also important to take a breather. With pristine time management and asking a few favors, there may even be time for a cat nap.

So, the next time you are stressing out and on the verge of a breakdown ask someone for help – because it doesn’t mean you are accepting defeat, but that you have the courage to ask.

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