5 Reasons why too much exercise is a waste of time

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5 Reasons why too much exercise is a waste of time blog image

5 Reasons why too much exercise is a waste of time

This blog post is From Catherine, our Campus Ambassador from UCLA. You can follow Catherine on twitter @cbronzo.

Exercising is essential for living a healthy and happy life but sometimes, too much of it can't be detrimental to your health.

1) Over-Exercising Can Cause Stress Fractures:

The key word here is: stress. Too much exercise is stressful on your body and on your life! Stress fractures are cracks that appear in your bones that can be caused from repeatedly doing medium-high impact exercises. Also, getting a stress fracture can ruin your ability to exercise at all, if it impedes you. Too little exercise can be just as bad as too much!

2) Over-Exercising Wears Out Bones, Joints and Muscles:

Your body does a lot to keep you moving! Think about everything you do in the day that makes your bones, joints and muscles work! Over-exercising weakens and wears out these areas. When bones weaken, you get the risk of having osteoporosis when you’re older. Your joints are important and you especially don't want to wear them out and your muscles should never be overworked! Keeping your body health includes allowing your body to rejuvenate itself.

3) Over-Exercising May Cause You to Lose TOO Much Fat:

It's very possible, that you could lose too much fat while exercising. Your body needs some fat and when none is left, you start to lose muscle. Doing this causes your overall health to decrease and if your not eating enough, you may become very sick.

4) Over-Exercising is linked to Eating Disorders:

People who tend to overload on exercising may have an eating disorder, especially if they're not consuming enough calories. Although exercising can become addicting for its benefits, too much of it can lead people down an unhealthy road. Over-exercising can also be linked to poor body image and though exercising is helpful and necessary, it shouldn't be used to solely increase self-esteem. There are other ways to increase your self-esteem and there are many ways to get support for an eating disorder, if needed. Exercise isn't always the answer.

5) Over-Exercising in Prolonged Illnesses:

Over-exercising affects many parts of the body, including the immune system. By exercising too much, your immune system can weaken. This causes illnesses to be more frequent and prolonged and they just never seem to go away.

While you should always make time to exercise, do it in moderation. You already have enough going on, so save yourself some time and stop when you've done a healthy amount. Remember to give your body a good rest once in a while!

Happy Exercising!