5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out Before Your Interview

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out Before Your Interview  blog image

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out Before Your Interview

Many of you have internship interviews coming up over the next few weeks and you are nervous, I know. With the goal of helping to calm your nerves a bit, here are a few reasons why you should take a deep breath and not freak out before the interview.

1. They Like You, That’s Why They Called. If a company is interviewing you, it’s because they reviewed your materials and they liked what they saw. Think about that – they already like you. They read about your experience and were impressed – that’s why they are bringing you in.

2. Be Confident In Your Experience and Why You Are the Best Person for The Job. You are an Intern Queen reader – meaning you read career and internship advice in your spare time! You are no “Joe Schmo” on the couch! Before you walk into the interview – remember who you are and what you bring to the table. I know you’ll be amazing at this internship – and you know so too.

3. Just Be YOU. The decision (in this case) really sits at the other end of the table. You can go into the interview – be the best you possible – and they’ll ultimately make whatever decision they need to make. Remember, their decision might not be about you – it might be about some other situation they need to make work. So your job? To go in there – be yourself (easy enough) and walk out confident that you gave it your best shot. Put your check in the box, smile, and let’s go onto the next thing. If you get it – great. If not – you’ll get the next one.

4. You’ve Already Done Your Homework. Everything about this company is fresh in your mind. You’ve gone through their website (you did this morning!). You’ve looked up and researched everything you can about them online. You’ve read and re-read the internship posting. You are as prepared as you can be. There is NO ONE that could have done a better job preparing for this interview than you did.

5. You Haven’t Put All Of Your Eggs in One Basket. You’ve applied to several positions for the summer and you are following up on those and applying to more each week. You are going to put everything into this interview and hopefully you’ll get it but if you don’t – there are more that are on your list, have your materials, and that you’ll go after. We can’t control if you get the position – but we can control how many opportunities you put yourself up for.