5 Study Apps That Will Help University Students Achieve Successful Studying

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5 Study Apps That Will Help University Students Achieve Successful Studying

This blog post is written by our University of Windsor campus ambassador, Alicia D. She has her associates degree in Journalism and is currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Political Science and Spanish. She hopes to pursue a successful career in Broadcast Journalism.

With exams soon approaching and final assignments piling up, we come to realize that we are beginning to feel a tad overwhelmed. We start to feel that sleeping is something we no longer have time to do as a result of our compiled list of assignments. I recently found some great Apps that can help in studying effectively for the remaining semester. Studying Apps that can help us achieve organization and successful results in all our subjects.

Here are 5 great study Apps you can download on your phone to help you achieve excellent results in your studies.

1. gFlash +Flashcard & Tests (FreeApp) : With this App you are able to create groups of cards deck of flash cards in every subject. Also, you are able to downloaded cards, videos, images, sound clips and you can audio record the definitions.

2. My Homework(Free App): This is a great App which will greatly help you in keeping track of your assignments. With features of a calendar to mark the dates of upcoming test and assignments, homework page to write out in detail what you have to get done for all your subjects and classes, listing your classes times and days . Once you log in all of that into your “My Homework” App your phone will send you notifications of upcoming test and assignment due dates.

3. Sparky App review(Free App): Is an App that can best help you for those literature classes because it automatically directly connects you to SparksNotes. This makes it easy for you to quickly get detailed information on plot analysis, character and chapter summaries and key facts on the literature content assigned.

4. Vocabolistic (Free App): Initially this free App is for you to improve your vocabulary and challenges you to learn and understand new words on a daily basis, rated on a scale from easy to hard. It is a great tool to evaluate your English proficiency progress. This App can also be helpful when writing papers, for example; if you are drawing a blank slate from finding a word to better describe or express your points, then you can refer to Vocabolistic to search for an appropriate word to fill in your blank.

5. AudioNote- Notepad and Voice Recorder: This App is not free; however it is worth every penny. For only $4.99 you have access to features such as, a recorder which can

record anything from lectures to conferences and pen mode feature which allows you to draw (diagrams) and take notes. The best part of this App is you can import and export to your computer, your audio and notepad files. You are also able to synchronize your audio notes with your notepad notes. For example, if your Professor was giving you a long detailed word definition, all you have to do is hit record and it will then record your professor’s long definition. You can add to this audio note by writing out your summary definition of the word and then attaching it to the audio recording. By incorporating this you can refer to your audio recordings easily and better understand them.

These apps are great ways to enhance our intake of knowledge so we might as well use them to our advantage.