5 Things to Consider Before Accepting an Internship

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5 Things to Consider Before Accepting an Internship

This is a guest blog by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Kristi Atkinson from the University of Idaho.

-Where you are going to live: The cost of living can become extremely expensive depending on where you intern. For example, when I was looking into the cost of a New York City internship versus the cost of living at school, I found out I would pay $4,000 more to live in New York City. Granted, it is up to you if you have that money to spare for your dream internship.
-Transportation: How long is the commute? Can you walk or ride a bike? What are the public transportation options? Compare gas prices and public transportation costs. You could save a lot if you are able to walk. Look at time spent doing the commute as well. 
-Living expenses: You may be able to find a furnished apartment, but it&s rare. If not, another cost to consider is furniture. If you are planning to store food in your apartment, then you may need a refrigerator. Don&t forget the utility bills either. Water, electricity and sewage add up. Laundry is another factor to consider when looking into housing. 
-Method of payment:  Work out the minimum level of income you need to meet your financial obligations. You may have a paid internship or you may not. You may have a part time internship and are able to get a part time job.
-Social: Do you know anyone else that will be living near by? It may help to split the cost of rent and utilities. 
5 Things to Consider Before Accepting an Internship | Intern Queen Inc.


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