5 Things Our Interns Did to Impress Us This Week

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5 Things Our Interns Did to Impress Us This Week blog image

5 Things Our Interns Did to Impress Us This Week

We have three spring interns this year, Lauren, Rachel, and Victoria. Lauren goes to UCF and Rachel/Victoria go to Rutgers. The three of them are a power team of interns. Here are a few things they did to impress us this week:

· Updating The Training Guide. This week, our intern’s Lauren and Rachel learned how to use Google Analytics and analyze the backend of a website. We had a little bit of information on this in the training guide but it wasn’t super specific. The interns took it upon themselves to take initiative and write up a description on how to use Google Analytics (after they had a training call on it) and add it back into the training guide. They sent out an email to our team with the text (first) to make sure we didn’t have any changes.

· Taking Every Opportunity to Listen In. We try to invite our interns to listen into as many company calls as possible – internally or externally. It always impresses me when our interns actually dial-into those calls to listen – even when they are busy. It shows that they will do whatever it takes as long as they learn.

· Contributing to Brainstorm Sessions. I love when our interns contribute directly to brainstorm sessions when we ask for their opinion. If they aren’t directly asked for their opinion, I like when they speak up and say, “I have an idea I’d love to share” – this is better than just shouting it out. I also like when they come back to me later in the day (via email) with ideas if they don’t have any to share in the session.

· Studying the Training Guide. I can always tell which interns have studied the training guide. They tend to catch on quickly and start the internship much more prepared than those who haven’t studied the training guide. How do we know who studied and who didn’t? Easy – we can tell that someone did not study the training guide when they ask how to do something that’s already mentioned in the training guide.

· Taking Notes. I can also tell who is taking notes constantly and who is relying on their memory (bad idea). I’m not a fan of people asking the same questions over and over. It’s a waste of company time and it shows they aren’t taking notes and learning how to do things properly the first time.