5 Things You MUST Do Before Summer

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5 Things You MUST Do Before Summer

This blog was written by Victoria Maggio, campus ambassador at Penn State University. She is a junior dual majoring in Public Relations and Integrative Arts. Follow her on Twitter @victoriamaggio.

As we face the end of the semester, and for some of us the end of our time in college, there’s a few things we all need to do before everything’s said and done. Check out these tips for staying on top when homework and studying for exams have you down.

1. Organize the calendar. Get the last few weeks of the semester laid out, and categorize your priorities. This is crucial in time management, making sure you do not spread yourself too thin. Leave room for potential interviews AND time to spend time with friends.

2. Make an appointment with an advisor. Make sure ALL files—intent to graduate, transcripts, references, etc.—are in order. You may also want to contact the career center if you are still struggling in finding your summer internship or job. They are there to help students, so do not hesitate to reach out!

3. Reach out. In addition to career services and your advisor, your professors are excellent resources for career guidance and advice. Often times potential employers will reach out to college professors when they are looking to hire. Professors can also steer you in the direction of good alumni contacts, especially since most have previously worked in a field with similar career interests.

4. Attend networking events. You can NEVER have too many contacts. Any opportunity to meet alumni, potential employers and other students is valuable. You never know who could be working at your dream company, or interviewing you one day!

5. Be optimistic! Seniors, your life is just beginning as a college graduate. Remember to utilize your alumni base and connections made over the past four years. And good news for you: employers expect to hire 10.2 percent more new college graduates from the college class of 2012 than they did from the class of 2011, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). 

Best of luck to everyone in the last few weeks of the semester!