5 Things You Must Do Before You Leave Your Internship

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5 Things You Must Do Before You Leave Your Internship blog image

5 Things You Must Do Before You Leave Your Internship

This blog post was written by Joanna Starling, our Campus Ambassador from Texas A&M University.

As your internship comes to a close and you are beginning to finish up your daily duties, keep these tips in mind before you say your final goodbyes!

1. Have your supervisor give you a performance evaluation. Whether it’s a formal document or a casual discussion, I highly recommend you ask for some sort of feedback from your supervisor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either: What would you say I need to improve on? Do you feel I completed all assigned tasks in a timely manner?

2. Write your boss a thank you note. There is nothing is better than feeling like you are appreciated. Let your supervisor know how much your time with them has meant to you and what all you have learned from them. A handwritten note is the best way to tell someone you are grateful.

3. Make sure you have everyone’s contact information before you leave. Now that you have done business together, they are a connection in your personal network. Be sure to have everyone’s email and a phone number for future reference.

4. Ask to connect with them on LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn, I highly suggest you get one. I just created one for myself last week, and am so intrigued by how easily it connects you to people who are looking to work in the same industry as you are. I would recommend not only connecting with your boss on LinkedIn but maybe even asking for a recommendation – hey, it can’t hurt to ask!

5. Finally, add your latest internship to your resume! Be sure to tag in a few key duties or day to day responsibilities (i.e. Radio Promotions, Social Media Marketing), so future employers have a feel for what kind of work you were doing as an intern.

Enjoy your last few days as an intern. I hope you had a wonderful experience and are ready to start sending out applications for future internships soon!