5 Time Saving Tips to Help You Get Ahead in Your Internship

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5 Time Saving Tips to Help You Get Ahead in Your Internship  blog image

5 Time Saving Tips to Help You Get Ahead in Your Internship

This blog post was written by Campus Ambassador, Laura Straub.

As any busy intern knows there are only so many minutes in a day. When balancing endless projects and networking, every minute counts and these time savers will keep any intern from wasting precious moments. These tips will not only help organize a workspace, but can all be done by upcycling old items found in any home.

1. Save your old paper towel and toilet paper rolls and use them to organize your cords. Between iPhone chargers, laptop chargers, printer connector cables, and camera cords it is easy to grab the wrong cord, not to mention the time wasted untangling them. Roll them up inside the rolls and then label the side of the roll with its contents using a marker or sticky note.
2. Keep all the cords currently plugged in easy to reach by clipping them to the side of a desk using clamp style paper clips. Instead of grabbing at cords in a tangled mess under a desk they will be set and ready to go.
3. Use nail polish to color code your keys. Instead of spending precious minutes finding the right key they will be organized, without the cost of a key cover.
4. Cut a cereal box in half to use as a paper and notebook organizer. All important documents will be within arm’s reach in the personalized holder.
5. Old clipboards can be temporarily attached to an office wall using command strips and are perfect mini bulletin boards. Clip any important papers to have the sitting quite literally in front of your face. Further personalize the boards by decorating them or color coding them for different projects.

These simple upcycles will save minutes every day, and those minutes add up! Who knows what you could do with all your newfound free time! There are more tips like these all over websites like Pinterest so just search office upcycles and D.I.Y. away!