5 Tips for a Fit Fall

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5 Tips for a Fit Fall

This blog was written by Gabriella, our Campus Ambassador from Quinnipiac University. You can follow Gabriella on Twitter @gabberzgirl.

As much as we all wish we could hold onto the summer sun forever, fall is quickly approaching. Back to school season is without a doubt a hectic time. Your schedule is completely crammed with shopping for your new apartment, organizing your social calendar, and planning for a challenging course load. However, don’t let the stress of a new school year get the best of your health!

You can smoothly adjust just to your new schedule by making simple, small changes to your everyday routine. Here are five ways to maintain a fit fall, no matter how busy you are:

1) An early wake up call may have you rolling out of bed and immediately reaching for your coffee cup. However, when you wake up your body is dehydrated. Try fueling up with water first before having your daily coffee. This will leave your body with longer lasting energy throughout the day.
2) You’ve heard it from your mother but I am going to reiterate: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! No matter how hectic your morning is, your body needs a healthy start to the day. Granola bars are a healthy AND easy on the go option.
3) Endless hours in class and meetings may leave you feeling distant from your friends. Try going for a walk or hike near campus together. This is a great way to catch up and exercise at the same time, leaving more time in the day for other items on your to-do list.
4) Wear your gym clothes to class! You can hit the gym straight after class, saving the extra time needed to go back and forth to your dorm to change. Not to mention, you can still look super cute in class in your athletic gear! (TIP: shop at Lululemon or Lucy for fashionable and practical workout apparel)
5) Last but certainly not least, catch those Z’s! Sleep is the #1 most important health factor. No matter how many calories you cut or hours you log at the gym, your body will never be 100% healthy without a substantial amount of sleep.

We can all agree that fall is one of the most stressful yet exciting times of the year. Just remember, don’t go overboard! Take a deep breath, relax, and do not lose sight of the most important thing: your health.