5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Winter Break

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5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Winter Break

This blog is written by Aviance Washington, our Campus Ambassador for the University of Southern California. She is a double major in Business Administration and Public Relations, graduating in May 2015. She has interned for Nordstrom. Raised in Georgia, Aviance chose to attend school in Los Angeles so that she could get closer to achieving her dream of working in fashion public relations.

Visualize your perfect year: Come up with a list of everything you would like to accomplish to make 2012 your perfect year. Don’t just focus on your goals with internships and school; your plans with your personal life are just as important! Think about the kind of person you would like to be by the end of 2012 and what you can do to become that person. Do you dream of going into a communication-heavy field like PR but you’re a little shy? Make a point to small talk with one stranger a day until it becomes natural. Any and every little detail can help you!

Prepare for spring semester: Double check that your schedule is set or that you know what credits you need to fulfill for next semester. Buy or rent your supplies and books (Intern Queen has a fab book renting store! http://internqueen.bookrenterstore.com/). If you would like to be more involved on your campus, research your school’s organizations online.

Start researching summer internships…: Follow the Intern Queen’s advice and make a list of your DREAM places to intern. Whether these companies are as big as Teen Vogue or as small as your local newspaper, don’t be afraid to include a company. Anything is possible!

…and how you’re going to get them: Start contacting the HR departments of the companies on your list to find out about their summer internship application process. Make sure your resume is updated and be prepared to send in application materials ASAP if they ask for them. And of course, keep checking Intern Queen for internship postings and advice.

Enjoy time with friends and family: The best way to stay productive is to avoid burning out. Enjoy these weeks with your family and friends so you can be rejuvenated and ready to go for Spring semester!