5 Tips For A Successful First Day!

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5 Tips For A Successful First Day!

Kim is studying Marketing and Computer Science at New York University&s Stern School of Business. She is passionate about tech startups, and has been working in the field since junior year of high school. She is currently interning at Atlas Venture, while juggling other responsibilities at foursquare, Intern Queen, NYU VSA, NYU Restaurateur Club, Tech@NYU, and Stern Student Council.

Pre-First Day Internship Prep

So after sending out all those apps and surviving that nerve-wracking interview, you finally landed your dream internship – congrats!

But the difficult part is hardly over – in fact, it’s just begun! And a successful first day will set the tone for the rest of your time with a company. Be sure to tackle these five preparatory steps for a successful first day on the job!

Dress code | Check with your internship coordinator about the company dress code. On your first day, dress one notch above that – just to show that you are serious about professionalism. Over time, you will get a better grasp for what is acceptable and can adjust accordingly. But for the first day, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Travel | Map out the route from your home to the office – even do a trial run if necessary, on a day with a similar traffic situation. If you’re driving, make sure the office’s address is pre-set into your GPS and that your tank is full! If you’re using public transportation, check for delays the night before and leave ample time for the commute. It is always best to be early to leave a good impression.

Lunch | Not sure about a fridge or kitchen in the office yet? Don’t bother bringing in a perishable lunch – pack several snacks and a water bottle to keep you going through the day. Delivery.com and Grubhub.com will do until you figure out the food storage situation.

Supplies | Shoot an email to your internship coordinator to see what you need to bring on your first day – laptop, charging cord, mouse, etc. Other than that, be sure to pack your phone charger, wallet, several pens, and a notebook for jotting down thoughts/questions throughout the day.

Small details | Just run a quick mental check the night before your first day – chipped nail polish? Wrinkled trousers? Business cards in your wallet? These seemingly small details can make the difference between a good first impression and a great one.