5 Tips for Thank You Notes After the Internship

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5 Tips for Thank You Notes After the Internship

I was recently featured in a FORBES article that got a lot of great feedback from students. One student was reading it as she was finishing up her internship in Los Angeles and she emailed me some great questions about what to do towards the end of your internship. Here are some tips for Thank You notes to keep in mind before the end of your summer internships. 

1.     Mail Thank-You Notes! Don’t just leave thank-you notes on executive’s desks. Actually write them out nicely and put them in the mail right after your internship so that everyone gets them 3-4 days after your final day. It’s a novelty to get things in the mail nowadays!

2.     Only Write Thank-You Notes to the People Who Know Your Name. If someone gets a thank you note from you and has no idea who you are – it’s a waste of time. However, if someone gets a thank-you note from you and DOES know who you are and is pleasantly surprised…BAM….you’ve done your job!

3.     Don’t Write The Same Exact Thing In Every Note. Of course, the thank-you notes you write to people that you worked with in the office are going to be similar. But pretend two executives are standing next to one another the second they get your note. If they open the card simultaneously and both cards say the exact same thing – it’s going to be a little weird. Change up the wording on your notes. They can say the same things but in different ways.

4.     The Thank-You Note is Only the Beginning! Remember my Intern Queen rule, you stay in touch with your professional contacts 3 times per year! The thank-you note counts as one time! Make sure to find a way to get in touch with them in the fall. Getting in touch around the holidays to check-in and wish your former boss and former co-workers a happy holiday season is usually a solid plan.

5.     Yes, You Send Thank-You Notes to the Higher Ups. Even if you are feeling a little intimidated, if you worked with the VP of the company during your internship – he gets a thank-you note. This is good professional practice for you and I promise – they will appreciate the gesture!