5 Tips for Writing a Professional Email

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5 Tips for Writing a Professional Email

We talk about how to be a professional all of the time on our site. But how do you  write a professional email? In today’s video, I provide several tips on how to communicate through email like a professional.

In the video, I talk about the importance of having a professional email. You want to make sure that your first impression (which is sometimes over email) goes well and the employer takes you seriously. If you are using your middle school email address, it might not come across as professional. My email address used to be princessl84@yahoo.com – not so professional, right? I  recommend changing your  email to firstname.lastname@gmail.com  (or you can use outlook – my personal favorite!).

Another tip I give is that your subject line has to be searchable. If an employer doesn’t read your email the moment they get it and they go back to search for it later – what will they type in?  Will they be able to find your  email if their inbox is swamped. Let’s think about this, an employer will probably search the word “intern” if you are applying  for an internship so make sure that’s in the subject line.

The professional greeting is important when writing an email. You don’t want to just jump into  the conversation, you want a soft and friendly start. You could say, “Hi Bob, Hope all is well. I wanted to follow up about the internship opportunity.” It’s also important that you keep email short, sweet, and to-the-point. You shouldn’t be copy/pasting your  cover letter into the body of the  email, attach that as a PDF. No one wants to read a really long email immediately.

For these tips and a handful more, please  check out today’s  video below. Enjoy!