5 Ways That Beyoncé Lyrics Can Help You In the Workplace

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5 Ways That Beyoncé Lyrics Can Help You In the Workplace blog image

5 Ways That Beyoncé Lyrics Can Help You In the Workplace

After the Beyoncé Bowl, also known as the “Super Bowl”, the general public’s love for Beyoncé has reached an all time high. The Queen, the ultimate diva, “Beysus”, all names for Beyoncé Knowles. I think it’s safe to say that she has some fans. Many, myself included, are desperate to have an ounce of her confidence and “Je ne sais quoi” . The question is, what are us mere mortals supposed to do to rock that Sasha Fierce persona? The answer, other than to eat ice cream and cry with envy while we watch her half time performance on repeat, is to channel her fierceness in our everyday lives. This includes the workplace! As interns we are always looking for ways to stick out from the crowd, so here are some of the Queen Bee’s words of wisdom that will get you to the top.

1) “Say my name say my name”
To make sure the right people remember your name, you have to be unique and stand out. While interning, it’s crucial that your employers know your name, who you are, and how hard you work. Don’t be afraid to show your face as often as possible. When the end of your internship comes around you don't want your supervisors saying “what was that intern’s name again?”

2) “All the singles ladies, now put your hands up”
It doesn't matter if you’re a single lady or not, when it comes to duties in the office, always be the first to “raise your hand” and volunteer to do a task. Your boss will recognize your enthusiasm and acknowledge your hard work.

3) “Your love Got me looking so crazy right now”
Love aside; nothing should have you looking “so crazy right now” in the office. Always dress professionally in the workplace! It doesn't matter if your office is casual or professional in terms of wardrobe; it is always better to be slightly over dressed than under dressed. Far too many times I have seen interns show up like they just rolled out of bed, or worse, rolled up into the office straight from the club. Always remember, your personal appearance can say a lot about your work ethic and professionalism.

4) “ Halo, halo, halo”
When it comes to office etiquette, polite is never overrated. Many work places are relaxed and at times your supervisors and boss can appear to be more like a friend than a superior, in these cases, some interns make the mistake of mentioning inappropriate subjects or swearing. It is okay to be comfortable around your coworkers and boss, but when it comes to manners, it’s always better to be seen as put together and respectful. You may not be an angel all of the time, but when it comes to the office, polish that halo and wear it proud.

5) “Who run the world? Who run this motha? Who run the world?”
Who runs the world? INTERNS! But seriously, the next time you’re stressed remind yourself, we are young, we are passionate, and we are the next generation of successful individuals. We work hard because we know that we will one day have the job we want and have the life we’ve always imagined. So stay inspired, interns. Today you make coffee, but someday you’ll make your dreams come true!

This post was written by Rachel Cole, a Campus Ambassador from the University of Central Florida