5 Ways to Enhance Your Resume over Spring Break

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Resume over Spring Break blog image

5 Ways to Enhance Your Resume over Spring Break

This is a guest blog post written by our Campus Ambassador, Akshata Bailkeri.

The weather outside may still be frightful, but your resume doesn’t have to be! Second semester is halfway over, and spring break is not so far away. As tempting as it is to waste away the valuable time lounging in front of the television and watching How I Met Your Mother, why not get some extra bullets added on to your resume? Here are five quick and easy ways to add to your resume over spring break:

1) Add Technical Skills. Employers routinely emphasize the importance of technical skills in most jobs. Why not brush up on some coding skills through Coursera.com or codeacademy.org? On these websites you can learn the programming, basic HTML and even Java. If learning online is not your thing, try to find classes that you can take at local community colleges to add to your skills. Even a quick public speaking seminar or website creating workshop can help you stand out from your peers in the critical job or internship searches. 

2) Take a Externship. Though spring break may not be long enough to complete an entire internship, check out the possibility for a potential externship. Many companies offer a few days of externships or opportunities to shadow a job, that you can take advantage of. Some companies may even decide to offer you a summer internship if you do a great job over spring break, so definitely try to get one!

-How do you find an externship or shadowing opportunity? Check out your college’s career center to see if they have any opportunities available, or network with people in your LinkedIn groups to see if they offer any externship within their companies. It never hurts to try, so definitely make an effort. 

3) Build Your Brand. Take some time out now to work on completing your social media image and online presence. Use wix.com or create your own website to showcase your portfolio and resume online. Better yet, finish filling out your entire LinkedIn profile, and clear the unprofessional pictures from your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles as well. If you want to showcase your writing skills, perhaps start a blog and gain followers.

4) Get Certified. Certification in many different areas can also add to your to your resume. Look into getting CPR certification, or certifications in other skills, such as Microsoft office certification. Most classes are usually inexpensive and can be taken online or in colleges themselves. Moreover, even if your certification is not directly related to your academic path, such as a yoga instructor certification (etc.), it can still add to your interests’ section and make you stand out from other candidates. 

5) Get Published. Enter essay contests or even simply submit past work to your college’s papers or journals. This way, your potential employers can see your quality submissions in class. If your essays, theses or papers are published, you can even add a link to them through your LinkedIn profile! You never know when your “A” paper from your international relations class will make it in one of the academic journals.

By following any one of these quick tips, you should be well on your way to making the most out of your spring break!