5 Ways to Fit a Workout in During a Busy Day

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5 Ways to Fit a Workout in During a Busy Day blog image

5 Ways to Fit a Workout in During a Busy Day

Many people use the excuse of not working out due to a busy day, but there are many ways you can fit a little bit of exercise into a crazy day. Here is a list of activities you can do that cause your heart rate to increase a bit!

1) Take the stairs
Instead of always taking the elevator all the time take the stairs once in a while! Even challenging yourself by taking more than one step at a time is a glutes challenge. Even just taking the stairs on your way out is even more beneficial than waiting for the elevator!

2) Set Your Alarm Early
I know sleeping in is something everyone loves to do especially being home during a break! But 3 out of the 5 workdays setting an alarm just a little but early can be a good thing! Becoming a morning exerciser means that you can cross off your workout first thing in the morning. Setting out your workout gear before going to be and placing it by your bed means no excuses!

3) Lunch Break Workout
In the intern world lunch breaks usually aren’t too long but even taking your lunch break to go on a quick walk can be very beneficial. Research has proven that you will be more productive during the day by leaving your computer for an hour!

4) Do A Quick Workout Video
Instead of traveling all the way to the gym there are many new workout DVDs out there that have fat burning workouts for only 20 minutes, so there is no excuse not to do it! One of my favorites is the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred!

5) Just Dance
Playing loud dance music will definitely be a way to get you moving! While getting everything ready for the next day blast your favorite dance playlist and dance around while getting ready! You will be moving around and getting things together so you aren’t wasting time! Plus who doesn’t love dancing around to their favorite song!

When life is getting crazy busy exercising can also be a great de-stressor! Just thinking of these 5 things can help one fit a nice little workout into the most crazy day!

This blog was written by Becca Lazarus, campus ambassador at the University of Hartford. She is a Communications major with and emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. Follow her on Twitter @beccalaz.