5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Internship!

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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Internship!  blog image

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Internship!

I took notes throughout our intern evaluation meetings last week. I wanted to share the feedback we had with our Intern Queen interns in hopes that both the praise and the constructive criticism helps you at your internship or job. Here’s some food for thought:

  1. Ask about the outcome of your work. We can all be task masters and handle everything in front of us without pausing to think – how does this task play a role in what the company is trying to achieve? Ask about this at your internship. Show your supervisor that you want to understand the bigger picture and develop a solid understanding about the work they do.
  2. Don’t just show up, step up. At  your internship, you will be given several opportunities to show up for events or activities outside of your normal internship hours. Most interns know that they should always show up whenever they are given an opportunity. What most don’t know is that you don’t just show up – you actually step up and make the most of your time at an event or activity outside of the office. For example, if you are showing up to help with an event, don’t just stand in the corner, actually get  your hands dirty and start helping.
  3. Communicate your workload. If I give you  an assignment, I might assume you get it done only to find out later that week that the work was never done. Make sure you tell your supervisor what you start, where you leave off, and what tasks you were able to finish.
  4. Show us your hidden talents.  If you are interning at a company where they are always creating images for Instagram or thumbnails for Youtube (like Intern Queen!) and you are super familiar with Photoshop,   tell us! We don’t know your hidden talents unless you share them!
  5. Adapt to different personalities. You  never know who you will have to work with in the real world. It’s sort of like a group project – you never know who you will be partnered up with. Practice working and adapting to different personality and work styles. Challenge yourself to develop great relationships with all of the different  personalities in the workplace.

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