5 Ways to Land Your Next Internship

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5 Ways to Land Your Next Internship

So you're smack in the middle of your spring internship. If you haven't secured a summer internship yet, you should get that process started! It doesn't have to be a huge chore. In fact, Kailee Smith -- our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador at UCF (my alma mater!) -- recently wrote a piece on how to network for your next internship at your CURRENT one. I loved her tips and wanted to share them with you all. Enjoy!

1. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always greet and converse with your superiors. It may sound obvious, but think about it: this is how they get to know you and your interests. Being open and personable is what makes them think about you when a great new opportunity comes across their desk.

2. If your internship requires you to work different kinds of events, this is a prime time to network. Take the time to walk around and meet the different venders or sponsors. These could be your next supervisors if you make a good enough impression. Just be sure to do this in a tasteful, professional manner.

3. Whether you are working a paid or unpaid internship, always be willing to help out wherever you’re needed. When your supervisor can see that you are eager to step up to the plate, they will be eager to share your dedication with other employees and industry connections -- which can plant seeds for new job & internship opportunities.

4. When clients or company representatives come into the office, show them how well you can do your job. Leave an impression so that they see what you are capable of. Who knows? They might approach you before they leave the office. Either way, you've met and conversed with them -- opening the door to further communication.

5. Last but not least -- and this is my favorite one -- talk to your coworkers about the other jobs at which they are currently working. Odds are, if you are working with part-time employees, they have more than one job. Their second job might be in the same industry as your internship. Now you have a person on the inside of another company that could help connect you to the right people.

Kailee Smith is an Intern Queen ambassador at the University of Central Florida. This piece was originally posted on USA Today Educate.