5 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Appropriate On Social Media Over Spring Break

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5 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Appropriate On Social Media Over Spring Break blog image

5 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Appropriate On Social Media Over Spring Break

Here’s the deal. An employer can put you at the top of their list for an internship or job. They might think the world of you. If they see an image of you where you are dressed inappropriately because you’re in a swimsuit or wearing a super short skirt (about to go out) they can easily change their mind. Once they hire you, you are an extension of their brand, their company, and their decision-making ability. Anyone reading this is clearly ambitious. Make sure you don’t blow it by posting inappropriate material during spring break.

1. Skip the Group Bikini Shot Post. Several of you are planning on visiting a tropical destination for spring break. We’ve all taken that group photo of everyone in their bikini’s before. But I challenge you to take that photo, stare at it, frame it in your bedroom – just don’t post it online. Instead, post a fun picture of everyone before they go out at night or of everyone lounging around the hotel room. Just try to keep pictures of you half-naked OFF-line. Yes, this includes people who are “private” on Facebook – that doesn’t matter. And let me clarify, you can take the photo – just don’t post it.

2. Put Your Cups Behind You. When you take a photo with red cups – we all know what’s in them. If you aren’t 21 years old, you really shouldn’t have alcohol visible in the photos you post. Look at your pictures before posting them and try to crop out the red cups or bottles when possible – I know you have major photo editing skills.

3. Drunk Picture Posts Aren’t Cool. We can all imagine what you are doing over Spring Break, we don’t need you to bring those images to life. Even if you think you are posting a picture of you and a friend looking kind of silly – if you appear drunk in the photo – it’s not funny. In fact, I’ve had students get fired from internships because their employers see a photo online that they don’t understand. Just because you understand the story behind a “drunk pic” doesn’t mean anyone else does.

4. Carefully Snap Chat. Everyone’s obsessed with snapchat but people are also trusting the app way too much. Don’t send inappropriate pictures via snapchat. Who knows what could eventually happen with those. We’ve all taken a screenshot of our phone screens before – you never know where those pictures will end up. We’ve seen celebrities get hacked time and time again. If you wouldn’t want the picture to leak – don’t post it anywhere.

5. Use Instagram to Capture the Moments Instead of Capturing Your Faces. The nice thing about Instagram is that people don’t use it so much to post pictures of themselves but to capture the feeling and the scenery of beautiful places and moments. Challenge yourself to post photos of the place you visit and the fun moments you share and your spring break must-haves rather than constant pictures of you and your friends under-dressed.

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