5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Profile Job Worthy

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5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Profile Job Worthy blog image

5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Profile Job Worthy

This blog post was written by Maggie Young, our Campus Ambassador from The University of Kansas.

1. Select a professional profile picture. This doesn’t have to be a feature photo of you in formal attire, but make sure you are representing yourself the way that you would like to be perceived by a future boss. Skip the swimsuit photos and beer pong championship pics and show off your best side.

2. Check your privacy settings for visibility searches. You can set it so that only certain groups of people can find you in a search. You might as well make yourself available for employers to find you because then they can be sure you know how to use social media responsibly.

3. Clean out your tagged photos. The Facebook settings allow you to block users from seeing your tagged pictures, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. Take the time to go through your tagged pictures and untag anything that you wouldn’t want an employer to pull up during an interview.

4. Monitor your status updates. Keep it classy and professional. Unless you are posting an update for a charity, academic group, job or internship, it’s usually best to avoid posting. You never know who will take your comments the wrong way and the last thing you want is to offend your future employer.

5. Check your bio. Update your contact info so that it provides an accurate and professional image of yourself. Your bio is not a place to use provocative language or inappropriate comments. This update is representing YOU, so make sure that it depicts the image you want for yourself.

If you wouldn’t want your future employer to pull it up at a meeting, then don’t post it to Facebook. Make it a habit to skim through your Facebook profile on a weekly basis for the key points mentioned above.

Remember to keep it clean when you are posting to other Facebook walls and groups because whatever you say will forever be attached to your name.

Facebook can be a great tool to promote yourself in a positive light for employers, so make sure that you are using it to your advantage.