5 Ways to Stay On Top of the Intern World (Without An Internship)

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5 Ways to Stay On Top of the Intern World (Without An Internship) blog image

5 Ways to Stay On Top of the Intern World (Without An Internship)

This blog post was writhed by Aviance Washington, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Southern California Follow her on Twitter @AviAvi_K

Here in Intern Queen Land, we believe that there are endless benefits to having an internship. You can discover your passions, gain experiences and connections and if you’re ridiculously lucky, you can even get paid. But what do you do if for some reason, like classes or work, you just can’t intern during the summer?

No worries! Use your free time to follow these 5 tips to chasing your dreams even without an internship this season.

1. Stay up to date on trends & industry news
My dream internship would be in the PR department for the legendary Christian Louboutin. To prepare myself to land it one day, I’ve made sure to keep up with all things Christian Louboutin through constant research. Stay up to date by checking the top blogs, industry journals and social networking pages for your industry.

2. Teach yourself a new skill
Research postings for your dream internships and note where you’re lacking. Is there a required skill like Adobe Photoshop that you know little about? Dedicate time each week to at least learn the basics. There are hundreds of tutorials online!

3. Hunt for information
One of the easiest and most enlightening things you can do is set up informational interviews with people who work in the industry you’re interested in. Professionals are usually really open about talking with college students. Not only will you learn a lot, but this is also a great chance to expand you network. Just remember to be considerate of their busy work schedules.

4. Make your game plan for the fall
Now that you’ve researched and studied your dream places to intern, devise a plan for the end of summer as to how you’ll land these internships. Contact their internship coordinators and find out when applications are due & what exactly you’ll need to be a competitive candidate.

5. Most importantly…stay tuned into Intern Queen for all of the latest and greatest internship advice and news!