5 ways you can grow your employers Facebook Page as an Intern

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5 ways you can grow your employers Facebook Page as an Intern  blog image

5 ways you can grow your employers Facebook Page as an Intern

I noticed one of my Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors, Teresa Altonaga from University of Arizona-Tucson who is interning at Teri Jon this summer, was doing a great job promoting and plugging her employers Facebook Page. I immediately wanted to chat with Teresa and get her tips and tricks for other interns who were tasked with growing their employer Facebook Page.

I spoke with Teresa and she acknowledged the power of Facebook - and the importance of every employer having an outstanding presence on Facebook.
We agreed that a common internship task is to get more "likes" for your employer. The employer's like to see if the interns have any creative solutions in terms of bringing new "likes" to their company Facebook page.

Here are 5 of Teresa's tips on how interns can grow an employer's Facebook Page:

1. Message YOUR friends to “Like” the Page
When you message your friends personally online, they will feel as if they are doing you a meaningful favor and will want to help you achieve your goal. This essentially works better than positing a status on your Facebook Page directed to all hundreds or even thousands of your friends at once. The more personal you can make each “like” the more success you will achieve.

2. Ask for help
By asking for help from your friends, colleagues, and influential customers (such as celebrities) you will get more people and a more diverse crowd to “like” your Facebook Page. Keep in mind that the more charismatic and influential these friends, colleagues, or customers are the higher rate of friends or followers will want to “like” the page and the more traffic it will receive.

3. Use Hashtags
Hashtags are one of the most important new tools Facebook has begun to use. Hashtags allow Facebook users to look at statuses that they would not usually read, in order to achieve knowledge or entertainment out of hashtag subjects they are interested in. Try to use the most popular hashtags in the statuses on your company’s Facebook Page to get more of an outreach on your page.

4. Update Statuses and Pictures
The best way to get Facebook users attention is by posting pictures and statuses frequently that can help the users interact with the page. Pictures create a visual outlook for the users and statuses help engage customers into the actual company. By creating relevant pictures and statuses you will boost your views and interactions on the company’s page.

5. Talk to them!
The most important and vital way to grow your employers Facebook page is by talking to the customers online. By answering questions, tagging them in posts, messaging coupons, etc. you can gain valuable relationships with your fans and customers that cannot be gained anywhere else. Your customer service will increase rapidly and your customers will consistently stay fans of your company and Facebook Page.