5 Ways You Can Take Your Internship to the Next Level!

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5 Ways You Can Take Your Internship to the Next Level! blog image

5 Ways You Can Take Your Internship to the Next Level!

This blog post was written by Pragati, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Georgia.

Whether you are looking for a full-time job or an opportunity to open up your own business, internships can make all of that happen. Internships are the first step to your career but how do you really make the most out of them? Follow the 5 steps below and you will be on your way to the next level!

1. Be passionate! Steve Jobs once said, “If you don’t love it you are going to give up.” The attitude you take towards your internship can play an important role in your career.

2. Act on opportunities! Opportunities come in various ways. Some are obvious while others can be seen as challenges. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunity. You will be surprised by how a simple step can move your career.

3. Make sure the decision maker knows who you are! A lot of times if you are interning for a huge company the decision maker might not know who you are. Network and make that happen.

4. Suggest Ideas! Most interns will get the job done but only a few have the guts to suggest ideas to their supervisor. No matter how dumb you think your idea is, it never hurts to try! If anything it lets your boss know that you care and helps you stand out from other interns.

5. Collaborate and make even bigger moves! Share your knowledge and ideas with other interns. You never know what they have in their mind and together you can create something bigger and better.