6 questions for a Maury intern

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6 questions for a Maury intern

This blog post was written by Jackie, our Campus Ambassador from the University of New Hampshire.

Jessica Herbstman is a senior Communications major at the University of New Hampshire who interned this summer at Maury, a tabloid talk show, produced by NBC Universal. Herbstman is interested in Advertising, Media Production, and Marketing. She is charismatic individual currently applying for jobs for next year…Fingers crossed!

1. What did your daily duties and responsibilities include at Maury?
My duties included, managing and coordinating guests’ schedules, working with producers, ticket distribution, guest selection, and tending to guests’ needs during production. I also helped conduct research for the PR department.

2. NBC Universal provided you several learning opportunities. Can you please discuss these?
While at NBC I was able to see the way television shows work and function behind the scenes. By letting the interns work with guests, I was able to get a hands on experience. NBC also gave me opportunities to participate in professional workshops where I was advised on how to jump-start my career.

3. Do you feel as though this experience helped shape your future career decisions? For instance, will you continue to be interested in the entertainment industry?
I definitely feel that NBC has helped me shape my future career decisions. I now have more of an idea of what I want to and not want to do in the future. I have realized that I want to stay in the entertainment industry, but instead of going in the direction of production, I would preferably like to do advertising or marketing for television. That would be my ideal job.

4. Your internship was located in Stamford, Connecticut; do you feel as though this area is budding with job opportunities?
Since Stamford is a city, there are definitely a lot of opportunities. As of recently, more of NBC has moved to Stamford including, NBC Sports, Jerry Springer, and Steve Wilkos. Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, and Maury are actually all filmed in the same building just on different days. Besides NBC, there are many other businesses in Stamford.

5. Maury is such a high paced exciting show, what was your favorite part of the internship?
My favorite part about the internship was when we began filming. Since filming did not start until August, we spent a lot of the summer preparing for the show to start. When we started production I was able to interact with guests and watch the chaos behind the scenes unfold. It was extremely entertaining and fun to be part of.

6.Is there any other advice you would like to give present and future interns?
My advice would be to work your hardest and do whatever is asked to show that you are committed to the job. Employers appreciate people who do not slack off and have a great attitude. Also, always try to make connections and keep good relationships.