6 Surefire Ways to Land a Job

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6 Surefire Ways to Land a Job

Our Intern Queen Ambassador Network has really come full circle - the students that launched our program have now graduated and started to slowly (but surely) conquer the world. I was chatting with Kristi, a former Intern Queen intern and Campus Ambassador from University of Idaho, and she told me about a job opportunity she just landed in the Northwest at a Fortune 500 company. I asked Kristi how she landed a job and if she could pin-point 6 ways to land a job (based off her experiences). The points Kristi came up with are amazing and applicable to any job situation.

Enjoy Kristi’s Tips!

1. Network For Yourself & Have Others Network On Your Behalf. The person who interviewed Kristi was actually a family friend. It's all about who you know. It wasn’t even Kristi who reached out; her parents networked for her! I really like this point because once you tell people what you want to do - they can actually network for you! Kristi’s parents were getting drinks with the sales manager and happened to mention that Kristi was job hunting in the Northwest. The woman mentioned that the Northwest sales manager used to work for her. She was willing to make a call on Kristi’s behalf.

2. Don’t Limit the Type of Job You are Looking For. Kristi ended up landing a job with a huge company in their sales department. Is sales her dream job? No, but Kristi understands the importance of learning great sales skills and made it clear to the company that she eventually wants to move to the PR/Marketing side of the company. They were perfectly happy with that.

3. Be persistent. Kristi’s dad told her about the conversation over drinks on a Tuesday night. Kristi revamped her resume and emailed it to the woman the next morning (Intern Queen Style).

4. Do the Research. Kristi did her homework for the position. She spoke to the woman her parent’s knew before the interview to help prepare herself. Kristi made sure she knew what the job consisted of, so she knew how to relate her previous experiences and strengths to this job. She also knew how to counter her weaknesses when they were brought up.

5. Write Personal Thank You Cards. Kristi sent these to everyone she spoke with during the interview process. She even sent a follow up email thanking them for the interview.

6. Show Your Confidence. Kristi acted like the job was already hers. She was confident about her ability to handle the position.