6 ways to help you stay cool this summer

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6 ways to help you stay cool this summer

This blog post was written by Alicia Daly, our Campus Ambassador from Canadian University in Windsor.

For the next 4 months we will begin to feel the heat from the sun. Our bodies will feel sweaty, itchy and our skin will feel very hot. Although summer can be over bearing from heat, heat wave warnings or smog alerts, summer is a period to enjoy, to have fun outside and to bask in the sun with your friends and family. No matter how the heat may make us feel, we all still want to be out and about, enjoying the sunny weather.
Follow these 6 easy steps below of how you can stay cool this summer.

1. Wearing bright and light colors will keep your skin cool because colors such as yellows, whites or other lighter shades of color when worn do not capture the heat rays from the sun because the bright colors reflect light.

2. Avoid drinking soda or pop they will not satisfy your thirst, both can trigger dehydration because they are caffeinated beverages. Instead, drink a lot of water and natural juices. It will be more effective in keeping you cool for a longer time because they do not have caffeine and will keep you hydrated for a longer period of time.

3. Brightening up your home with summer decor with plants, flowers, bright coloured blinds, bed spreads or other home accessories. Also, getting rid of heavy items of furniture or accessories. Such as, thick quilts that you may have used for winters. Put away your heavy furniture and winter room decor and embrace the bright and light colors of summer into your home, this will help to keep you feeling cool in your home and give you more space in your home for summer.

4. Go swimming whether it’s at a beach, your pool, a friend’s pool or a public pool. This is a great summer activity that keeps you cool and is also a great way to have fun this summer and stay in shape.

5. Taking frequent showers to stay cool in the summer will freshen you up. The best days to indulge on frequent showers during the day are the days you may have a smog or heat alert. It is the best way to get rid of that itchy sweaty feeling and it is a great way to keep you feeling clean and fresh.

6. Going to see a movie is another fun activity you can do in the summer. Most movie theaters always keep their temperatures very cool, especially through the summer. It’s a great place to go and cool down during those hot summer days while enjoying a great summer flick and indulging in some tasty cinema refreshments.