6 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

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6 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

An internship is a two-way process. Interns get the opportunity to experience their chosen careers in real time while employers get the chance to test the workplace-metal of potential employees. It's win-win on both sides of the fence. But while internships may look good on the résumé of any college graduate these days, they are not in themselves a guarantee of future employment. Yes, through internships, students gain hands on experience and are able to build up a network of great contacts; and, of course, that can lead to more job opportunities. But as the job market becomes increasingly competitive, there are some additional tips and tricks to help you land that dream job.

1. An internship is not the only way to gain valuable life experience. Taking a year out of studying and working overseas, for example, is a route many American students opt for. The Middle East, with its interesting mix of the old and new, is as popular a choice as ever. With cheap flights, Skype interviews becoming increasingly popular and social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, it's not difficult nowadays staying in touch with family and friends -- while at the same time keeping a distant eye on spending levels! International banking is fundamental to those going abroad; especially online banking and other financial services make their day-to-day life easier.

2. When it comes to finding a job in this competitive job market, a flawless resume is critical, according to Adecco Staffing US. More than half (54 percent) of hiring managers don't even offer interviews to job candidates with weak resumes. What often gets a candidate in the door is attention to detail.

3. Hiring managers are most likely to cite spelling errors (43 percent) as the most common misstep that causes them to disqualify a candidate from consideration. Spelling errors were considered a more unacceptable offense than any other gaffe -- including time gaps on a resume (5 percent).

4. To rise to the top of the resume pile, young adults must focus on being personable and engaged during the interview process. One-third (34 percent) of hiring managers said young adults' inability to directly and clearly answer questions and articulate their skills and experience during the interview are main factors for them not getting the job.

5. Other slip-ups include: lack of eye contact (33 percent), checking phone/texting (30 percent), fidgeting (26 percent), and bad posture (22 percent). Some hiring managers (12 percent) also consider discussing the interview on social networks a mistake. Survey respondents also advise job candidates to be engaged, actively asking and answering questions, and authentic (33 percent and 29 percent respectively).

6. Joyce Russell, president of Adecco, said, “The message from America's hiring managers on what makes a winning candidate is loud and clear. Beyond the tactical advice, the soft skills like confidence, a respectful demeanor and showing a genuine interest in the job are equally important for new grads to separate themselves from the competition during an interview.” Visit Adecco's website here.

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